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Married With Children
Monday-Friday | 4 & 4:30pm
The antithesis of the loving "Cosby Show" family, "Married ... With Children" focused on the Bundys, a suburban Chicago family who would rather eat nails than say a kind word to one another.

Monday—Fridays |5pm-6pm
Every bride dreams of her wedding day — but Bridezillas are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, no matter the consequences! This season's Bridezillas are hotter than ever, but just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they won’t bring the bad behavior.

American Builder
Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays|7:30pm
In a reality-based construction show, American Builder, Brian Gurry manages commercial, residential and industrial projects.

This is it TV
Monday-Friday | 10am
This is it TV with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer. Covering all things lifestyle — fashion, art, sports, food and culture — This is it TV delivers behind-the-scenes access into the region’s most newsworthy neighborhoods, businesses and over-achieving, standout individuals. Viewers can expect to be entertained, educated and influenced by the depth and quality of rich content.

Fix it & Finish it
Monday—Saturday | 7pm-7:30pm
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Fix It & Finish It overhauls one space in one home every day! The homeowners tell why they desperately need a renovation before DIY expert, Antonio Sabato, Jr., and his team surprise them and make their dreams come true! Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up Airstream RV, our team is ready to tackle it all... in ONE DAY!

Flip My Food
Monday—Fridays | Noon - 12:30pm
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Flip My Food "flips" the favorite dishes of award winning chefs, celebrities, and everyday people to make a healthier version that's just as mouthwatering. Hosted by charismatic celebrity chef, Jeff Henderson.

World Cuisine of the Black Forest
Monday—Fridays | 12:30pm-1:00pm
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Host Nicole Woodruff and Chef Walter Staib provide a tour of this culturally rich region. The cuisine, lifestyle and history are highlighted through informative cooking segments and interviews featuring the influences that Germany has on today’s society.

Power Your Life
Tuesdays | 1:30pm
The POWER YOUR LIFE TV Show presents an upbeat look into the pressing issues and cutting-edge trends that touch women, men, 40+ years, and their families. The show’s host, Dr. Jo Anne White, International Author, Speaker, Professional Coach and Energy Master Teacher interviews engaging guests and experts in their field devoted to educate, uplift and entertain you. POWER YOUR LIFE is dedicated to offer you honest answers to your important life challenges regarding Family, Sex, Creative Aging, Finances, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Career, and much more. Get informed, explore new ways to a healthier and happier you and find out how to Power your Dreams and Power your Life.

The Best of the Best
Friday | 7:30pm
Your VIP pass to the swankiest restaurants, the hippest hot spots, hi-brow fashion or low brow joints. Join us as we showcase the movers & shakers of Philly’s fashion, restaurant, home & beauty scenes.

Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo
Tuesday | 1pm
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A healthy lifestyle show hosted by Eraldo Maglara, NCSA-CPT and author of “The Real Fountain of Youth: Simple Lifestyle Changes for Productive Longevity”. Each week Eraldo will feature demos, in-studio interviews and skype interviews showcasing healthy lifestyle and wellness content. Such as food, beauty, health A-Z, fitness, wellness and health headlines. From make-up habits that are damaging your skin to how to trim your tummy!